Sippy Cup StrapsWhen we started HnyBaby it was with a need in mind and that need was to make life easier for both new parents and babies. One of the things we were struggling with was trying to keep all our babies stuff clean when we were out and on the go. The pacifier kept falling out of our little girls mouth, the toys kept on getting thrown out of the stroller or lost and the sippy cups and baby bottles were getting broken and dirty as they were being tossed around and so HnyBaby was born out of necessity.

While all our products are amazing, the one product that we keep hearing every parent needs is our sippy straps. Our sippy straps are designed to hold sippy cups and baby bottles to ensure they stay where you want them and dont hit the ground when your out and about. Our sippy straps come with some amazingly unique features which really set them apart from all other straps

No Slip Grip Interior

Our straps come with a very unique non slip rubber grip on the inside to hold your bottles and cups snugly without causing any damage. No need to worry anymore about cups that slip out of the bottle straps anymore.  The grip creates a perfect seal between the sippy cup and the strap holding it place no matter what your up to.

Adjustable and Water Resistant

Everyone that has a baby knows that your baby is going to spill things and having a strap that’s water resistant and easy to clean is an absolute must have so thats what we did. The straps wipe clean with some water and if you need a little soap, hang dry and ready to go again. We have also made them fully adjustable and able to snap on to anything a strap can attach to.

sippy strap

Incredibly Stylish

Everything we create at HnyBaby has been created with both function and style in mind. We have the absolute most stylish stroller access

ories for the modern mom. Our stylish straps are designed to go with the most stylish stroller, car seat. Whether using them with a girl or boy, we have a print and color to match.

Push Button Release

This is the feature we’re most proud off, our push button release to secure the cup or bottle. Most other straps on the market like ours are made with loops or velcro or some other attachment mechanism, but nothing comes close to the security and function of our push button.  Easy for mom to use, hard enough for the baby not to open.

Give our straps a go, your going to love them!