Queen Bee Combo – Pink


The Queen Bee Combo contains 1 Paci Holder, 1 Sippy Strap, 1 Toy Along, 1 Trip Clips and 1 set of 4 bandana bibs.

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Queen Bee Combo

Pacifier Clip

With this combo you will get our highly stylish floral print purple and pink pacifier clip. The pacifier clip is all plastic so you never have to worry about a rusting clip again and is made from BPA and Phthalate free material. The strap is a polyester water resistant strap that wipes away clean. This is the perfect accessory for keep your pacifier with your little one at all times.

Sippy Strap

The sippy strap is one of the best inventions every mother needs. It has a push button release and an interior anti slip grip material that will work with virtually any cup. The best part is the super stylish design, lets face it who doesnt want to be pretty in pink.

Toy Along

Toy Along straps come in a pack of two and are perfect for your baby or toddlers toys, stuffies or bottles. They come in a pack of two so you have a couple for the stroller or highchair and the prints are adorable. One print matches the pacifier clip and the other matches the sippy strap.

Trip Clips

Trip clips offer an endless list of things to be used for, this is the truly multi use clip with clips on both side and made of plastic. This is the perfect clips to make a bib on the go, stroller shade, nursing cover or anything else you can think of.

Bandana Bibs

This set comes with our fabulous “Blossom” collection. These will seriously be the softest and cutest bibs you will ever own. Designed to functional yet stylish, these adjustable organic cotton bibs will be the perfect accompaniment to any outfit.

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