• Chevron Baby Carrier Teething Pads & Drool Bib Teething Pads & Drool Bib
    Our 3 piece teething pads and drool bib set are stylish yet functional when baby wearing. Avoid constantly having to wash your carriers due to drool and spit up caused by your little one. These 100% organic cotton reversible teething chew pads and drool bib take the worry away from your little one teething on carrier straps covering them in drool. Ultra soft, reversible and modern leaving those adventures taken outdoors a pleasant one Prices in USD
  • Gender Neutral Multi Purpose Cover multi use cover
    Our 4 in 1 Multi Use Covers are a stylish, trendy, lightweight and a versatile way to nurse baby with ease as they provide 360 degree coverage for most mothers, while also protecting baby from elements of sun, wind, rain and snow; and are able to keep them germ free when used in shopping carts and high chairs. Eliminate the need to carry multiple products when one will cover it all Prices in USD