Our Story

I am a mother to two beautiful children and a wife to an amazing husband. Our daughter Ziya, was our first born, and it was only as a first time mum, through trial and error, did I discover all about those essential baby must haves. I learned that an essential item that every parent should have was a pacifier clip – one that was made of plastic opposed to metal. I wanted to ensure other parents had access to this essential item that I felt was necessary for my daughter. That is where HnyBaby was born!

Ziya LOVED her pacifier, so much that she even loved the actual pacifier clip. Many times I would catch her teething on the clip. When I purchased her very first pacifier clip, I never thought having a metal one would be a problem, but of course after many washes it ended up rusting – not something appealing to any parent, especially a NEW parent! I knew plastic was something that wouldn’t be harmful to my baby, it would be free from sharp teeth and it wouldn’t rust, and that to me was essential. After shopping around for the perfect pacifier clip, I quickly realized that they weren’t many to be found, and the ones I did, lacked the durability I was looking for in a pacifier clip. It had to withstand everything, yet it had to be gentle to touch and use. It was this particular product that ended up being the reason why I created HnyBaby.

Over the course of time, other products have also joined our small shop because they to, have become those items I feel as a mother of two are essential to every other family. Every product that HnyBaby carries, has and is used and tested by our own family – because I believe them to be every parents must haves for their baby/toddler. I not only strive for our products to be safe and functional, but I also intend for them to be stylish and trendy too. We hope that you love our little HnyBaby and find our products to be the essential items you’ve been looking for, for your growing families.

All of our products have been designed in Canada and are all made in an ethically traded facility.

With love from our family to yours,